Wang awarded with a Yang Biomedicine Scholar.

Wang lab highlighted in LLS annual report.

Greg Wang receives the 2019 Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement from UNC SOM.

Wang lab captured a new culprit in multiple myeloma, a common hematological cancer.

Earp and Wang labs identify a new AR-V7 regulated oncogenic pathway in prostate cancer.

Wang lab receives one-year $50,000 grant from WES Leukemia Research Foundation.

Greg Wang is selected as a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Scholar.

American Cancer Society awards grant to Wang

Researchers discover how faulty genetic instructions drive a deadly blood cancer in adults

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Congratulations to Ling for receiving the two-year UNC Lineberger Developmental Award!

Congratulations to Zhihong, John, Rui, Jie, and David for their 2019 research articles and reviews published at the journals of Blood, Cancer Research, Cell Stress and Cell. & Mol. Life Sciences!

Congratulations to Rui Lu for landing a position as Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Ling Cai for her position as Assistant Professor, Dept of Genetics, UNC at Chapel Hill.

Big congrats to Ling for a nice study of AR variant in prostate cancer published in Mol Cell!

Greg Wang has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure! (06/01/2018).

Big congrats to Rui, who first-authored with researchers of Dr. Jikui Song’s group on the Nature paper out on the 2018 Feb 15 issue of Nature!

Bowen Xu’s chromatin remodeler Bptf studies is out on the 2018 March issue issue of Stem Cell Reports ! Congratulations.

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