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Greg Wang receives ASBMB Young Investigator award (Aug 26 2021).

Wang Lab shows a phase separation mechanism underlying super-enhancer formation, chromatin looping and cancer development.


Wang Lab identifies a "BAH-code" reader sensing the gene-silencing tag in mammalian cells.

Wang awarded with Yang Biomedicine Scholar.

Wang Lab highlighted in LLS annual report.

Greg Wang receives the 2019 Philip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement from UNC SOM.

Wang Lab captures a new culprit in multiple myeloma, a common hematological cancer.

Earp and Wang Labs identify a new AR-V7 regulated oncogenic pathway in prostate cancer.

Wang Lab receives a one-year $50,000 grant from the WES Leukemia Research Foundation.

Greg Wang is selected as a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Scholar.

American Cancer Society awards grant to Greg Wang.

Researchers discover how faulty genetic instructions drive a deadly blood cancer in adults.



Thumbs up to Dongxu and wonderful collaborators of Jin Lab for a cover story on the coming issue of Science Translational Medicine (online Sept. 29). Congrats to Chenxi for the report of NSD3 degrader at Cell Chem Biol. and Arum for a nice BBA gene reg mechanism review!

Hats off to John Ahn for being selected as a Forbeck Scholar (2022 class), Forbeck Foundation

Warmest congratulations to John Ahn and wonderful collaborators (Drs Phanstiel, Legant, Tackett, Zheng) for a Nature article published in the recent July 22nd 2021 issue!


Congratulations to Shuai Zhao for a comprehensive review article at Nature Reviews Cancer (2021)!

Thumbs up to Jie for his successful PHD thesis defense (April 9, 2021). Wonderful job, Dr. Li! 

Congratulations to Huitao for his Nat Comm. paper (2021), a collaborative work with Dr. Song on an H4K20 methylation-“sensing” module in DNMT1, a mammalian DNA methylation maintenance enzyme.


Big congratulations to Huitao Fan, Yiran Guo and Chenxi Xu for two Nucleic Acid Res (2021) paper published within one week! Thumbs up to Ling as well for taking a leadership role!

Hats off to Huitao Fan for landing on own faculty position in Harbin Medical University, China!

Congratulations to Jie Li for his Nat Comm. paper (2021), which studies a deregulated chromatin reader in leukemia!

Congratulations to Yiran, Jun, and Shuai for their comprehensive review articles published in Trends in Genetics (2021) and Int J of Mol Sci. (2020)!

Congratulations to Huitao and co-authors for a Nature Genetics (2020) paper that is online today reporting a new mammalian effector of H3K27me3 during Polycomb gene silencing!

Congratulations to Huitao, Yiran, and others in the lab for their publications in PNAS (2020) and Nature Communications (2020)!

Congratulations to Zhihong, John, Rui, David, and Jie for their 2019 research articles and reviews published in the journals Blood, Cancer Research, Cell Stress, and Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences!

Congratulations to Rui Lu for starting a new position (1/1/2019) as Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center, and to Ling Cai for her new position as Assistant Professor (2018), Department of Genetics, UNC Chapel Hill!