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Dr. Greg Wang is a faculty member of Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Department of Pathology (adjunct) and  Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University.  He has enormous passion both for scientific discovery and for addressing critical health needs we face. His active research programs cover the fundamental principles of chromatin biology and gene regulation, pathogenesis notably cancer, and therapeutics. He also develops high interest in studying how host tames virus via epigenetic mechanisms.
    At his independent faculty position, Dr. Wang has received the Young Investigator Award of American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (2021), recognitions by schools including the Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement (2019) and the Yang Family Biomedical Scholar (2020), several awards of private foundations such as American Cancer Society Scholar (2016) and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Scholar (2018), amongst others (see CV below). Before joining UNC (2012-23) and Duke (2023-present) as a faculty member, he had completed a PHD study at UCSD and a postdoctoral training with Dr. C David Allis at Rockefeller University (2007-2011).

Greg Wang - Principal Investigator
Full Professor (Tenured)

PhD: University of California, San Diego, USA; Postdoc at: Rockefeller University (with David Allis)
Curriculum Vitae
Citation indices by google scholars



Post-Doc Associate

Shuai Zhao

PhD: Tsinghua University, China

Starting date: June 28 2019

Major Post-Doc Publications:

Nature Rev Cancer (2021)

Nature (2023)

Arum photo_edited.jpg

Post-Doc Associate

Arum Kim

PhD: Korea University, South Korea

Starting date: July 01 2019*

Major Post-Doc Publications:

BBA Gen Reg Mech (2021)

PNAS (2022)

Trends in Cancer (2023)

*Supported by NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, and a Forbeck Scholarship (class of 2023)


Post-Doc Associate

Chenxi Xu

PhD: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Starting date: June 6 2019

Major Post-Doc Publications:

Nucleic Acid Res (2021)

Cell Chem Biol. (2021)

Trends in Cancer (2023)

ID photo-yao.jpg

Post-Doc Associate

Yao Yu

PhD: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Starting date: Aug 16 2022

Major Post-Doc Publications:

Yiran' photo.jpg

Post-Doc Associate

Yiran Guo

PhD (2023), Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Starting date: April 21 2019

Major PHD Publications:

Nucleic Acid Res (2021);

Nat Communications (2020);

Trends in Genetics (2021)

Nat Communications (2022);

Joshua Corbin 2022-11-Picture.jpeg

Post-Doc Associate

Joshua Corbin

PhD: Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)

Starting date: Nov 16 2022

Major Post-Doc Publications:

Computational Specialist


Computational biologist

Bo (Bryant) Pan


Institute of Evolution & Marine Biodiversity, Ocean University of China

MD/PHD Student (Co 2023)

ben lau Profile Picture.png

Benjamin K Lau

BS: Swarthmore College

Undergrad Student Researcher


John Albright

BS major in Biol. and Chem; minor in data Science; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Administrative Support

Grants Administrative Assistant 


Natasha Thornton

Lab Alumni

Andrew Burton, D.D.S 2017.. Greensboro Dentist- .jpeg
Trevor Parton MD unc.jpeg
2015-08-30 17.14.33.jpg
2016 july Jujube_lab lunch.JPG

Andrew Burton, BS (UNC) 

Now: Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree (D.D.S.; completed in 2017)

Trevor Parton, BS (UNC) 

Now: UNC School of Medicine MD 2018 - 2022

Quinta Fernandes, BS (UNC) 

Now: Graduated with B.S. in Biology; UNC SOM (Co 2023)

Walker Blanchard, BS (NC State Univ) 

Now: Clinical Research Coordinator at UNC 

Alex Chen, BS (UNC) 

Now: B.S. Chemistry (2020) UNC; Research technician, Duke Univ.

bowen xu.jpeg
Doan On vcu.jpeg
Jie Li.jpeg
Malika Sekhri.jpeg

Bowen Xu, BS (Fudan) MS (UNC)

Now: Senior Statistical Programmer, Squibb Inc.

Doan On, BS (UVa) MS (UNC)

MS in biochem, UNC

now - PHD student at Virginia Commonwealth Univ

Jie Li, MS (CAS) PHD (UNC completed in 2021);

now -postdoc at Cornell Medical School (Dr. Ari Melnick's lab)

Malika Sekhri MS (Campbell Univ.;) now - PhD student in Pathology at University of Oklahoma

Peter D.L. Chen PHD (ECU) now -Director of BD @ Vazyme

Rui Lu, PHD (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Now: Assistant Prof. /PI; University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Cancer Center

David Allison,PHD (UVa)

Now: CSO, Triangle Biotechnology Inc.

Zhihong Ren, MD (Fudan)

Now: Fellow in Hematological Malignancies, Johns Hopkins University

Heather Hoke, PHD (MIT)

Now: Scientist at N-of-One, Inc.

Yulong Li, PHD (Duke)

Now: Bioinformatics Specialist at Duke

Wang_Lab_Pro-1 copy.jpg
2016 july Jujube_lab lunch.JPG
Heather Hoke, postdoctoral fellow _ staff scientist at N-of-One Inc.  .jpeg
Yulong Li.jpg

Huitao Fan, PHD (U Bonn) Now: Professor & Deputy Director, NHC Key Laboratory of Cell Transplantation, Harbin Medical University, China;


Hidetaka Uryu, MD, PHD (Kyushu University)

now- Data Scientist, U Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jeong (John) Hyun Ahn, PHD (Emory); now now- Assistant Prof., Seoul National Univ. South Korea

Jun Wang, PHD (Chinese Academy of Sciences); now- Assistant Prof. & PI, Institute of Modern Biology, Nanjing Univ. China

Dongxu Li, PHD (Peking Univ); now- Research Assistant Prof. Chinese Academy of Sciences

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