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Selected Research Articles:

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  2. Yu X, et al. Science Translational Medicine 2021 Sep 29;13(613). (*cover image)

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Selected Opinions/Review articles:

  1. Zhao S, et al Nature Reviews Cancer. 2021 Jul;21(7):413-430.* PMID: 34002060.  (* With Editor’s cover illustration)

  2. Chi P, et al.  Nature Reviews Cancer. 2010,10(7):457-69. PMID: 20574448.

A Full List of Publications

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*with cover image

Huang YT, Cheng AC, Tang HC, Huang GC, Cai L, Lin TH, Wu KJ, Tseng PH, Wang GG, Chen WY. USP7 facilitates SMAD3 autoregulation to repress cancer progression in p53-deficient lung cancer. Cell Death Dis. 2021 Sep 27;12(10):880. doi: 10.1038/s41419-021-04176-8. PMID: 34580281

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    *Cover image with News & Views at: Cancer Cell 2016;30(1):9-10; Cancer Discovery  2016;6(8):815. 

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Prior to 2012


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